Concrete Cylinder Molds

GTS offers concrete cylinder molds.  We have over 500 cases of 6”x12” molds in stock. The 6”x12” concrete molds are now Safety Yellow for easier visibility. They also absorb less heat than the black molds and provide more space for your Technicians to write. These molds also have a “starter notch” for faster stripping.

We have switched to domed lids. These lids should protect the surface of the cylinders better than the flat lids.  Flat lids can disturb the surface which would require more specimen preparation time prior to compression testing.

Description Case Quantity Case Price
3"x6" Cylinders with attached lids (used by some for Grout and Mortar) 80  $      70.00
4"x8" Cylinders with attached lids (used when 100% passing 1” top aggregate size) 36  $      36.00
6"x12" Cylinders Only 20  $21 to $25
6" Domed Lids 200  $      60.00
6” Mold and Lids 20  $      27.00